45L Large capacity Backpack With Shoe Compartment

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Large Capacity Multi-functional Backpack and Travel Bag

17.3 inch Expandable Backpack with SHOE COMPARTMENT!
Ideal for the tech savvy, busy professional, frequent traveler etc. This large capacity, ergonomic backpack is Made of durable material. It is waterproof, scratch resistant and features a shoe compartment, multiple zippered pockets, personalized compartments and more! An adjustable waist strap and padded shoulder straps ensure maximum comfort when traveling

*Available in 45L capacity
*Can board the plane
*Independent shoe bag of up to size 45
*Three Dimensional honeycomb back pad
*49cm x 32cm x 24cm
*High quality waterproof and scratch resistant
*Thickened shoulder strap
*Elastic Pressure relief comfortable and breathable
*High quality material
*Two way Slider


Actual Price: N50,000

30% Discounted Price: N35,000


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